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  • Ethiopia’s economic growth will reflect on the entertainment industry

    Ethiopia’s economic growth will reflect on the entertainment industry

    On the back of over a hundred million people that makes it Africa’s second populous nation next only to Egypt, Ethiopia is again poised for a high economic growth in 2017.

    According to World Finance report released at the beginning of the year, Ethiopia’s growth will witness a spurt by no less than 9 percentage points. A tad less than the double-digit it has been clicking for the better part of the last decade, but still an enviable rate by any standard.

    Although most of the growth will come from mega government projects, the contribution from the private sector is expected to be at its best compared to the years past. The services sector, in which the entertainment industry falls under, is expected to grow the most considering the rise in disposable income and the proliferation of better scripts, improved directing, and a growing young segment willing to pay for entertainment products.

    Entertainment centers are sprouting all over the country, and Addis Ababa is seeing a uniquely high growth with at least 3 films produced every day. Observers are marveling at the potential of Ethiopia becoming a fourth entertainment hub after Holywood, Bollywood, and Nollywood respectively. Some have even started dubbing the Ethiopian entertainment industry as Bollywood, named after the most famous neighborhood in Addis Ababa.

    Naming aside, the potential of the entertainment industry seeing significant upside over the next five to ten years is palpable. With almost 50% of the population under 35, a rapid growth of mobile internet services and the deepening of social media use, Ethiopia’s entertainment sector will be an attractive investment choice. aspires to be a major entertainment player in the years to come to introduce innovative entertainment delivery to Ethiopians in the county and around the world.

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  • How to Check | Grade 10 examination results 2017 (2009 E.C) - Ethiopian

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    Check Grade 10 Ethiopian National Exam Result

    How to Check Your Result?

    የ10ኛ ክፍል ውጤት ተለቀቀ

    Checking the exam result is very easy all you have to do is Go to the official Website of National Agency for Examination(NAE) and insert your ID and submit ==> (Click Here for Grade 10 Result)

    For Now you can check your result only from the official website of NAE. We will update if there is any other method of checking your exam result like with SMS. Good  Luck!

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  • Melat Belayneh is a young female born and raised in Ethiopia

    Melat Belayneh is a young female born and raised in Ethiopia, and is the middle child in a family of five. She took note of her weak math skills and decided to study Law but little did she know it entailed too much reading which she got used to by the fourth year. Relying so much on her ability to endure such a weirdly enjoyable journey towards an uncertain future she decided to join Grad school to earn her Master’s Degree in Human Rights Law. After 4 years, a UN Program Specialist post and a wake-up call later, she started pursuing her career as a Marketing Lead in companies like Diageo and Alle Establishment in Ethiopia. It was only at Cactus Advertising and handling Unilever accounts that she discovered her true passion for advertising and media planning. Quietly notorious, she now works as a free lance consultant on brands and designs communications strategies, blogs, social media management and PR work for different companies.

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  • Things you don’t know about host the of #TIME, Danayit Mekbib

    Danayit or Danishoo as we love to call her was discovered on Instagram. She was a popular self-made sensation with a huge fan base. When Kana TV approached her to be the host of #time on Kana TV, she took the challenge and shook the city. Danayit’s super charismatic and jovial personality has garnered her a huge fan base on-air and online. Danayit Mekbib was born in Ethiopia. In a town called Adigrat in the Northern Tigray region. She grew up Addis Ababa and took some textile designing courses at Bahirdar university. Later on, she continued her education, graduating in marketing management from Unity University. She loves trying new things and is a fashion aficionado.

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